adjective | icon·ic | \ ī-’kä-nik \

  1. of, relating to, or having the characteristics of an icon

  2. a: widely recognized and well-established; an iconic brand name
    b: widely known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence; an iconic shop


White façades and large windows showcase beautiful exposés that draw visitors in as they dream of a new home. Whether in Toronto, Savannah, Barcelona or Brussels, our shops are an expression of our passion for real estate and our shared commitment to supporting our advisors in delivering bespoke experiences. 



A globally consistent look and feel ensures brand recognition and brings to mind the expectation of high-end service and exceptional real estate wherever you are in the world.


The sleek design features an open concept encouraging collaboration among advisors and allowing each shop to serve as a venue for hosting community events.


Large windows boast beautiful property exposés displayed like fine jewelry, showcasing properties locally and around the world.


Meticulous details such as a black, windowed door, large address numbers, red banister knobs and exterior lighting create a warm atmosphere where clients feel at home.


Coffers prominently exhibit GG branding, highlighting our proprietary lifestyle magazine featuring global trends, personalities and the finest properties.